Clare Cape

Clare Cape

Local Councillor, Clare Cape is standing for re-election to Wiltshire and Chippenham Councils in Pewsham in this year's local election.

I've lived in Pewsham for 13 years.

I was elected to Wiltshire and Chippenham Councils four years ago. Since then I've worked hard on both councils mainly on health and care and the environment. My aim is for local people to have a voice through me and to ensure that our council taxes are spent wisely.

Right now, I'm working to get the huge development to the south and east of Chippenham and the distributor road stopped. We need affordable homes and a solution to traffic problems, but this isn't it.

I'm proud to have contributed to Chippenham Council's Neighbourhood Plan, leading the green infrastructure topic group and listening to local people's hopes for Chippenham. I've been pushing to ensure that decisions made on the town council reflect our climate emergency and need to protect our environment.

What do I love about Chippenham? The river, the canal, the market, the countryside and green spaces.

What do I want for Chippenham? A vibrant high street with independent stores and local produce and crafts in the market. And a return of events at the Neeld and the Folk Festival.

I've worked for the NHS throughout my career in many roles - including as a nurse and manager. Now I work part time for NHS Digital.

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