Jo Swinson in Chippenham Constituency

April 26, 2019 7:57 PM

L Jo Swinsonib Dem deputy leader Jo Swinson MP was welcomed to Bradford on Avon and Melksham by groups of supporters and the Lib Dem candidate for the constituency, Helen Belcher.

"It's only four years since we had a Lib Dem MP in Chippenham and so I am sure there would be significant focus on this seat within Wiltshire. It is one we would want to win again." she said.

"I do think there is a possibility that a general election could happen in 2019. It is very hard to predict in politics as it is so volatile, but Theresa May is not going to lead the Conservative party for very long and I entirely see the circumstances where a new Conservative leader would want to call a general election.

"As Liberal Democrats we are ready for that and we have a fantastic candidate in Helen Belcher here in Chippenham."

Brexit was of course also a topic. Swinson added, "I voted very much to support an extension to Article 50 to stop a no deal Brexit, which I think would be catastrophic, and also to have a people's vote. I will be campaigning strongly for staying in the EU in future polls."

Helen Belcher said, "We found it inspiring to hear what Jo had to say, not only about Brexit but about the climate emergency, which lots of members asked questions about. Brexit is a short-term crisis, but climate change is something that will affect us for many generations to come."

Wiltshire Councillor Clare Cape, who also attended, said, "I was encouraged to see Jo take the issue of climate change so seriously. Many voters across the town tell me that it's a big issue which needs our urgent attention."