Housing, development and planning

August 6, 2018 9:09 AM

Clare CapeThe new development at Birds Marsh will have a profound effect upon our area, so we are campaigning to keep the roads safe for local people and to hold developers to the promises they have made. We are looking forward to seeing affordable housing for local families and the new road which will form a link to the A350.

Your Lib Dem councillors have listened to the people of Chippenham who were 94% in favour of the proposal of the new Lidl at Middlefields and voted in the Town Council to approve their application as well as 35 more affordable homes.

The Junction 17 development was given the go-ahead by the Wiltshire Council Strategic Planning Committee. Cllr Clare Cape said, "while the Junction 17 offer is positive, I had to speak up about this development being for warehousing. Chippenham deserves better value for local people from this land."