• Back our frontline support package
    Article: Apr 21, 2020

    Day after day, our NHS and care staff are putting their lives at risk to keep us safe and care for the critically ill, suffering from coronavirus.

    Working long shifts, often isolated from their families, the sacrifices they are making for us all during this pandemic are incredible.

    Yet alarmingly, many aren't getting the support they need. The Government is failing too many NHS and care staff, especially on personal protective equipment (PPE) and testing for coronavirus.

    That's why Liberal Democrats are calling for a comprehensive support package for frontline workers - to give them the support and recognition they deserve.

    Will you back our call for a new support package for NHS and care staff? Add your name now:

  • Article: Mar 20, 2020

    This is what we now know about the postponement of by-elections.

    In a letter to Councillors, Wiltshire Council have said:

    "In light of the exceptional circumstances we are facing around COVID19 and guidance received this week from the Government this, the Returning Officer, Terence Herbert, has made the decision to suspend all unitary and parish by-elections and neighbourhood planning referendums until further notice. This step has been taken to protect the safety and wellbeing of staff and the public.

  • Eastern Relief Road
    Article: Feb 2, 2020

    Big news on an Eastern Relief road

    £75 million has been put aside to fund this project which will link the Morrison's roundabout to the Lackham roundabout around the eastern side of Chippenham. The map on the right shows its possible trajectory.

    .Planning permission still has to be obtained for this project so watch out for any consultation on this possibly contentious road and the new housing and industrial land it will open up.

  • Wiltshire Libdems (Wiltshire Libdems)
    Article: Jun 10, 2019

    The Liberal Democrat group on Wiltshire Council have announced their new shadow Cabinet spokespeople, following their group AGM on Saturday 8thJune 2019.

    The meeting also saw the re-election of Ian Thorn as the leader of the opposition on Wiltshire Council.

    Cllr Thorn commenting on the appointment of the new spokespeople said, "With less than two years to go until the next Wiltshire Council election, it is now very important to challenge the Conservative administration at every opportunity and these appointments will play a crucial part in doing so."

  • Jo Swinson
    Article: Apr 26, 2019

    L ib Dem deputy leader Jo Swinson MP was welcomed to Bradford on Avon and Melksham by groups of supporters and the Lib Dem candidate for the constituency, Helen Belcher.

    "It's only four years since we had a Lib Dem MP in Chippenham and so I am sure there would be significant focus on this seat within Wiltshire. It is one we would want to win again." she said.