• Mayor John Scragg
    Article: Jun 23, 2021

    In the meeting of the new Chippenham Town Council on 19th May, Liberal Democrat John Scragg was elected Mayor. This is the fourth time that John has had the honour of taking on this task, having served on the Council since 1987.

    In his inauguration speech John addressed the current restrictions caused by the Corona pandemic, pointing out that he would not be able to attend the inauguration of mayors in other Wiltshire towns, but "hopefully when and if current remaining restrictions are lifted I will be able to represent the town further afield and we will be less constrained in the extent to which we will able to invite guests to functions in the Town Hall and to the town a whole." In particular, he looked forward to the resumption of twinning visits with La Flèche and Friedberg in 2022.

  • Article: May 23, 2021

    Chippenham's Liberal Democrats can be pleased with their performance in the recent local elections. In the county elections the LibDems increased their representation from three to five of the Chippenham seats. Sitting councillors Clare Cape and Ross Henning retained their seats. New members of the Wiltshire Council are Kathryn MacDermid, Liz Alstrom and Adrian Foster. Clare Cape said: "We would like to thank the voters for the confidence they have placed in us. We will be working hard for Chippenham's interests in the Council."

  • Article: Apr 20, 2021

    Chippenham Liberal Democrats have announced the list of their candidates for the upcoming election s to the Wiltshire and Chippenham Councils. They are:




    Cepen Park and Derriads Hayley Wilson Ed Sawyer
    Cepen Park and Hunters Moon George Simmonds George Simmonds
    Hardenhuish Kathryn MacDermid Kathryn MacDermid

    Hardens & Central

    Liz Alstrom

    Bill Douglas

    Liz Alstrom

    Lowden & Rowden

    Jenny Budgell

    John Scragg

    Ross Henning


    Chris Higman


    Clare Cape

    Clare Cape


    Desna Allen

    Adrian Foster

  • Article: Dec 2, 2020

    New autumn Focus leaflets have been distributed. Articles include:

    • Responses to community surveys.
    • Wiltshire Air Ambulance to get support after LibDem motion in Wiltshire Council.
    • LibDem initiative to shelve rail fare increases.
    • Petition against Tory planning rules designed to silence local community voices.
  • Back our frontline support package
    Article: Apr 21, 2020

    Day after day, our NHS and care staff are putting their lives at risk to keep us safe and care for the critically ill, suffering from coronavirus.

    Working long shifts, often isolated from their families, the sacrifices they are making for us all during this pandemic are incredible.

    Yet alarmingly, many aren't getting the support they need. The Government is failing too many NHS and care staff, especially on personal protective equipment (PPE) and testing for coronavirus.

    That's why Liberal Democrats are calling for a comprehensive support package for frontline workers - to give them the support and recognition they deserve.

    Will you back our call for a new support package for NHS and care staff? Add your name now: